Learning from the Radiographer

As I lay waiting for my scan to commence, the radiographer wished to establish who I was and where I came from.  Inevitably, the question asked of me was what do I do and I said wine.  I am a director of Narkoojee Wines.  The radiographer nodded knowingly and with a smile said, I know of Narkoojee, I grew up in Traralgon.

He then commented on the general excellence of our wines, but in particular, his enjoyment of our shiraz styles.   You could have knocked me over with a feather as cool climate shiraz of the elegant style we produce is fighting what appears to be a state versus state battle for the hearts and palates of confirmed shiraz lovers .  ‘I love your chardonnay and pinot noir but it is your shiraz that I enjoy most.  The cool, elegant almost Rhone-like flavours and elements that reflect your site produce shiraz (or syrah) that is most refreshing in style and palate’.   Not the answer I expected, but on reflection it is exactly the reason I enjoy Axel, our winemaker’s shiraz styles.

Narkoojee is proud to be part of a revolution in Australian wine making, which has added a fine new design to the rich tapestry of Australian shiraz. With the climate warming and carbon dioxide levels rising, grape varieties previously deemed too late-ripening for cold climates are not only ripening in cool regions, but often with spectacular results. Shiraz in southerly climes such as ours is a refined alternative to traditional Australian styles. There’s some good news in climate change.

Our current release cool climate shiraz comes in three levels. At the premium level is the great value and stylish Francis Road Shiraz (2017). Next is our elegant Isaac Reserve Shiraz (2015), which will reward further cellaring. Finally, at the pinnacle of the group is our much vaunted Valerie Shiraz (2016 – Halliday rated 95 points) that has a winning combination of texture, flavour and length.

I believe these wines speak for themselves and encourage you to embrace our latest Spectacular Shiraz Case Offers*.

Ken John
Narkoojee Director


* The three options to access this offer are: ‘Shiraz Pack 1’, ‘Shiraz Pack 2’ and ‘Shiraz Pack 3’. Each pack includes varied combinations of the wines highlighted above.

Offer valid until Sunday 16th June 2019