Sparkling Wines

Narkoojee aims to produce a red and a white sparkling wine each vintage, depending on availability of estate grown fruit. The white sparkling is normally made from chardonnay, but in some years may also contain a small percentage of pinot noir fruit. The red sparkling has recently been made from cabernet and merlot grapes.

All sparkling wines are made in the traditional method where the ‘sparkle’ is produced by a secondary fermentation in the individual bottle.

Valerie Wines

This range was first introduced in 2013 to give full expression to the wines from an exceptional season. Two or three of the best oak barrels of wine are chosen to be bottled under this label if the quality is exceptional. Chardonnay, pinot noir and shiraz are the varieties so far chosen for the Valerie label although there is no reason why varieties such as merlot and cabernet should not be contenders.

The name Valerie was chosen in honour of Valerie Friend, who was co-founder of the Narkoojee brand.

Reserve Wines

This range is drawn from the best barrels of the main varieties each season, excluding any put aside for the ‘Valerie’ range, and are wines of the highest quality.  Typically, these wines would be from varieties that performed well during the season, producing higher quality wines.  These wines could be further enhanced by storage in oak barrels of superior quality, with a significant proportion being new.

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Premium Wines

This range is at a price point below that of the Reserve wines. Their quality is directly related to the terroir of our vineyard – the soil type and micro climate. These wines are of excellent quality but will typically be stored in older oak barrels. They will be released according to the company’s need to supply the bulk of the market with wines unique to the Narkoojee brand and at the most economical price.

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Special Release Wines

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Ordering Wines

Our wines can be purchased at our Cellar Door or online via our website’s wine shop.

We have also provided a link to our Order Form, should you wish to view, download or print at your convenience.

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